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Humble Beginnings

Invented in the 1880s, the photo booth has been around for quite some time. Originally coin operated and meant to be set up permanently in once place, the original photo booth printed black and white photo strips via a chemical process which took almost ten minutes!

Over the next hundred years the process improved, but basically remained unchanged until recent times. 

Until the early 2000's the local American or Canadian shopping center or strip mall was one of the few places you would find a photo booth. Around the world they were far better known as sources of amusement in arcades and train or bus stations. The most common use for the machine was for passport and ID prints.

Modern Craze

Thankfully, in the early 2000's with the development and application of digital printers and more portable components the photo booth finally got it's freedom. Before long the photo booth hire industry was born.

For the first time, event holders could bring the once cumbersome photo booth into their chosen location as a source of fun new entertainment for weddings, parties, school proms and corporate events. Stylish, cheeky and clever images started to appear between drinks, dances, awards announcements and mingling. And the guests loved it!

In the USA and Canada, the very first photo booth rental companies started around the mid-2000's. Since then, the industry has boomed like no other and as of 2017 there are more than 15,000 photo booth rental companies across north america.

That’s a hell of a lot of photo-strips! 

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