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Photo booth rentals across the USA and Canada have become so affordable over the last few years making the ever fun photo booth a must for all occasions. There really is no reason no matter what your budget that your special event whether it be a wedding, birthday party, school prom, sweet 16, 21st, Corporate Event cant have a photo booth.

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Thanks to the increased popularity of the photo booth for events such as Weddings, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and School Proms there has been an explosion in the number of photo booth operators. This has had a two fold effect. Firstly the average price of a photo booth rental has dropped but the choice of local operators and the styles, sizes and functionalities of the photo booths has increased

Ten years ago a 4/5 hour hire would have set you back on average $1000, whereas now they are more like $600. There are now even photo booth rental operators who start from as little as a $200 to hire a photo booth if you're not fussed about the length or the quality of the hire.

With increased demand for photo booth rental comes an increase in pit falls for the average consumer. Not all photo booths are made equal and not all photo booth hire operators are as good as one another. Here at The Photobooth Finder, we screen all of our operators to do our best to only connect you with quality service providers.

If you want a cheap photo booth rental but it's for a really important event (like your wedding!) our simple words of wisdom are:


  • Cheapest is rarely the best option
  • Research the style of booth you need
  • Compare lots of operators until you're sure 
  • Don't make your choice based on price alone
  • Find something of good quality within your budget


To help you research all things photo booth hire be sure to utilize our Photo booth Guide

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