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Top 5 Reasons a Photo Booth is Still The Best Addition for Any Event.

Top 5 Reasons a Photo Booth is Still The Best Addition for Any Event.

Top 5 Reasons a Photo Booth is Still The Best Addition for Any Event.

Around the mid-late 2000's when technology and innovation converted the photo booth from a bulky and often slow to print chemical print lab to a portable and fast printing digital machine the humble photo booth saw a massive and well overdue resurgence in popularity.

As demand grew around the world so did the innovation and functionality which is why overall demand is still growing at a steady rate and more and more people are diving in and starting their own photo booth rental business. Despite all the evidence to the contrary (the Photo Booth Expo in Vegas just had it's biggest year yet) there are a few naysayers who think the photo booth trend is waning but we totally disagree and here are our top 5 reasons why a Photo Booth is still the best addition for any event:


1. Preserve Memories

Elvis Presley Photo Booth Rental Photo StripThe modern photo booth not only takes pictures but prints them out in the form of photo-strips or generally in duplicate. The idea being one copy is for the guest(s) to keep and the other is for the guest photo album or "scrapbook". This photo album is the event holders way to capture not only everyone's pictures but also personal messages left by their guests. So really its a guest book + photo album. This means that in years to come as the event holder views the album they will be transported back in time in a truly vivid capacity by the pictures and words. They often also receive a USB or CD with all the digital copies or possibly a link to an online gallery so once again for prosperity the memory of their event is preserved for a life time. 


2. Entertain Guests

No matter the type of event whether it be a wedding, birthday party, Corporate event, School Prom etc the one thing that the event holder and the guests agree on as being the most important ingredient to a successful event is keeping the guests entertained. A photo booth can entertain like a seasoned pro and can keep it up all night. Everyone has an inner desire to be silly and get their picture taken whilst doing it. The photo booth provides the perfect setting to facilitate this especially so in an enclosed photo booth where guests are hidden from view. The addition of props and an alcoholic beverage or two lend themselves to ensuring inhibitions melt away and fun and laughter become the driving factors to keep guests returning again and again. There is also a voyeuristic aspect to the photo booth especially the open style ones. Guests love to watch other guests using the photo booth and revel in viewing the photos as they are displayed on external screen(s) or as copies are placed in the album. Thoroughly entertained guests will rave about an event for years to come and that along is reason enough to have a photo booth.


Mirror Photo Booth Rental3. Innovation and New Styles

Every year a completely new style of photo booth or a really cool new software feature hits the market which means you can always find something new to experience. So there is no need to be thinking that just because so and so had a photo booth at their event that you'll be seen to be copying them if you have one at yours too. Instead just choose a photo booth that is different in some way. There are countless styles and features to choose from and currently with somwhere between 15 - 25,000 photo booth operators in North America (USA and Canada) you are going to be spoiled for choice. To learn more about the current latest new styles and innovations be sure to check out the Top 3 Photo Booth Trends for 2017.


4. A Bomboniere Guests Will Actually Keep

A Bomboniere (also known as a "favor") is just a fancy Italian derived word for a gift given by the host of an important event to their guests. The bomboniere is most commonly found at Weddings and religious ceremonies but the idea of giving a gift at all sorts of modern events is becoming increasingly popular. Often these "gifts" are either trinket items or are edible which means they're either left behind, thrown in a drawer or the bin or digested which ultimately means they're never to be seen again! With a photo booth guests take home pictures in the form of a photo strip. Those photo strips either end up on the fridge, a cork-board or a wall, worst case scenario they go into a photo album. Either way your guests actually keeps their gift which makes the gift that keeps giving.


5. Child Minder* 

A little spoken about advantage, at least of the "unattended photo booth" (ie one without an attendant overseeing it's operation) is that they are really great babysitters! They never get tired of having kids play with them and kids never get bored using them. This means that for those guests that have kids they can too can enjoy the party whilst their kids work the photo booth over and the guests without kids don't have to put up with kids tearing around them and getting under their tables cause they will all be playing around the photo booth instead at least until they tucker out as the night gets late and then they can sleep under the tables or be taken to a real bed to allow the adults to finally get in and enjoy the photo booth too.

*Note: If you're renting a photo booth which has an attendant as part of the hire please check with them about their policy for having kids without supervision in their booths before you let your kids potentially run wild. 

The Photobooth Finder is here to help you find the perfect photo booth. We have built a trusted network of over 200 photo booth rental operators around the United States and Canada, so be sure to use our free service today to find a photo booth for your next Wedding, Party, Corporate Event, School Prom or Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Happy Boothin!

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Disclaimer: While every caution has been taken to provide readers with most accurate information and honest analysis, please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog. Author will not compensate you in any way whatsoever if you ever happen to suffer a loss/inconvenience/damage because of/while making use of information in this blog.

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