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Top 3 New Photo Booth Trends and Toys For 2018

Top 3 New Photo Booth Trends and Toys For 2018

Top 3 New Photo Booth Trends and Toys (2018)

The Photobooth Finder recently had another amazing time attending attending the worlds largest Photo Booth Expo PBX and is pleased to report back with what we think will be the latest photo booth trends and toys for 2018. Every year we have been there is something new to discover  thanks to the industries best innovators and influencer's who drive this machine that is the photo booth industry.

The Best of PBX Las Vegas 

Ring Roamer

As far as new toys go, the Ring Roamer was a clear stand out as being innovative yet simple. The Ring Roamer is a light weight shell with a built in studio grade ring light designed to take studio quality pictures in low light areas. The idea is the Ring Roamer can go anywhere you can go and it's powered by a small battery pack and the photo booth functionality comes courtesy of any ipad based app. The portability and ease at which guests can interact with the Ring Roamer even in the darkest of nightclubs means that this little toy is set to light up social media with loads of amazing RR generated content. 


 Ring Roamer Photo Booth








(Image Credit: Ring Roamer)


360 Degree Photo Booth

You remember The Matrix dont you? Specifically I mean that iconic scene with Keanu Reeves' character Neo frozen in time as he dodges a barrage or bullets? Well now you're starting to get the picture on what a 360 degree Photo Booth is all about. Technically it's a multiple camera rig or "Array" set up to capture a full 360 degree moment in time. That image is then able to be captured, stored and shared. The cost of the technology required to make this work used to be out of reach to be a rental option due to the costs but with innovative advancements this is now entering the public domain and we predict it's going to be a bid deal! 


 360 Photo Booth







(Image Credit: ME360)


(VR) Virtual Reality Booth

Virtual Reality is not new but the application to allow users to have their photo taken whilst inside this fully immersive environment is. Imagine you're riding on the back of a Tyrannosaurus Rex or walking on the surface of Mars. Of course most of us will never ever get to do these things for real but now with VR technology we can and we can now not only experience these sorts of things but also capture that experience on "film". 360 degree images are able to be view on computers or mobile devices including being able to re-immerse yourself via a VR headset. 

Up until now this "photo booth" experience was limited to big corporate activations but like with 360 booths this style of photo booth is now accessible to the general public and will be trending at a wedding or birthday part near you soon.

Virtual Reality Photo Booth







(Image Credit: Metavrse)


So there you go, the top 3 best new trends in the Photo Booth industry for 2018 as predicted by Photobooth Finder. Be sure to let me know if you plan on adding any of these new trends to your photo booth hire business and be sure to read our posts from last year and you be the judge if we got it right or wrong.

2017 Latest Photo Booth Trends

Happy Boothin!

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