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Photo booth rental is so affordable!

Photo booth rental is so affordable!

Rent a Photo Booth, they are so affordable now!

Photo booths have become increasingly more affordable across the general population over the last few years. Now that photo booths have become more accessible, it’s much easier to rent them for a wide range of occasions. Looking back and comparing rental prices of 2007 to now will indicate just how true this is.

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Since the beginning of the photo booth rental industry, more and more competition has entered the market, creating huge savings for the customer. A hot tip for you to consider is that, if your event is mid week, there are photo booth rental operators who start from as little as a a few hundred dollars to hire a photo booth


Along with savings, the customer also has a much more diverse photo booth product offering to choose from, from hand held portable devices such as the selfie mirror, to full blown brand activations.


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Understandably with an increase in the "rent a photo booth market", there becomes a variety of companies to choose from. Not all Photo booths have equal capability and they certainly don't cost the same. Another thing to consider is that not all operators are as good as one another. So how do you make sure to choose the right one?


Well in a bid to assist with this, Photo booth Finder was created to try and level the playing field and to make sure that there is an easier way for the consumer to compare companies, photo booth types and prices all with a few clicks of a button. At Photo booth Finder, we take screening operators advertised on our website very seriously and make sure they have all the right credentials in order to make your experience renting a photo booth a great one!

You can see our words of advice for what to consider when renting a photo booth and what to look for in order to avoid a bad experience by clicking here, however we also have some words of wisdom if you want a cheap photo booth for your event, but not the cheapest!

- Cheapest price doesn't always bring you the best value.

- Make sure to research the different types of photo booths and which one you want.

- Use our compare tool to compare as many providers as possible.

- Don't make the mistake of choosing the photo booth company based on price along, we understand that budget is important, but missing out on some really cool extras for the sake of $50 could limit the overall experience to the guests at your event.

To help you research all things photo booth rental, use our free compare service and our full renting a photo booth survival guide!

Photo booth rental is so affordable!

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